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About DDI By Quinetta Latham

Passionate, Impactful and Inspiring are just a few words family, friends, mentees and co-laborers in the community use to describe Quinetta Latham. As a minister she challenges men, women, boys and girls to remember WHO they are and WHOSE they are.  Equipping others with the word of God is how she gets others to embrace the will to DARE TO BE DIFFERENT and walk in their truth!  Quinetta's message and gifts have been renowned from the pulpit, to the streets, to the prison.  Always striving to learn more, do more and  impact more, in 2016 Quinetta launched Divine Diva Inspiration.  

Divine Diva Inspiration is designed to Empower, Inspire and Serve.  We strive to do this through empowerment events, workshops, community outreach and our latest venture the launching of Divine Diva Inspiration Apparel.  Quinetta strongly believes that Divine Diva Inspiration is an avenue of ministry that gives every customer an opportunity to share their faith and beliefs with others.  It is Quinetta's vison that Divine Diva Inspiration will uplift, empower and inspire people traveling different journeys, from all sides of the world to live beyond their comfort zone and tap into a life of abundance, that is found through Jesus Christ.  

What you wear is a reflection of your personality.  So, purchase your piece of DDI apparel today, and share a piece of your STORY and your FAITH!  At Divine Diva Inspirtion we invite you to SAY IT WITH YOUR CHEST! 

God Bless,


To connect with our founder Quinetta: visit www.quinettalatham.com